Saturday, April 17, 2010

New Do

I took Aislynn to get her hair cut yesterday, since she had been asking me to get hers cut since I got mine cut. It looks a lot cleaner and it is much easier to comb! I think it looks adorable too...she kinda looks older? This morning we started off the day by going to Seaside and taking a walk on the beach. The water actually felt like you could swim in it, but the it was kinda rough today. A had fun splashing and running around.
I love this one below...I like the footprints:)
And a typical pose...she always wants to do one of her ballet poses in pictures now. After the beach, we hit up the Farmer's Market again (which Aislynn refuses to call the Farmer's Market-she calls it the super market-because nobody is dressed like a farmer!). Then we headed home, put Kieran down for a nap, devoured this week's treat (apple carrot cake), ate lunch when K woke up, and headed to a Spring festival at one of the big shopping centers here. Aislynn had to get her face painted again: The poor kids were SOOOOOOOOOOOOO exhausted by the end of the day (and I am too!!!) because they got up a little before 7 and it was just a long day of being in the sun, and Aislynn jumped and bounced on the inflatable jumpy things at the festival. Kieran's morning nap was around 40 minutes and he didn't take an afternoon one. Around 6:30ish, I took him upstairs for bed and by the time I got to the top of the stairs, he was passed out!! I am planning on going nite nite pretty soon too, enjoy the rest of your weekend!!


Scrap Candy said...

oh how lovely..the footprints in the sand! I think that is so perfect - good shot - good eye!

I love the new do = I think her hair looks darker too! The sun will take that soon though, no?

I wish we had a nice farmer's market I could hit within distance. Downtown is too much of a hike and the ones to the south are really far south too!! I'll live vicariously through your goodies!

Shelstan said...

Beautiful beachie pics!!

Love A's face painting!