Monday, June 13, 2011

make it monday: paint fun

I don't know what it is about paint and getting it all over your feet, hands, body...that appeals to kids so much. Maybe it is just that they love to get messy;) We have done a couple fun crafts based on things I've pinned, and I wanted to share them with you today.

The first one is the messy one and involves painting your kid's hands and feet, stamping them on to paper and then using markers and googly eyes to turn the prints into animals. The original link to this project can be found here:)
Aislynn's are on the left and Kieran's are on the right. A, as always, had to add her own twist and added some bling bling to her animals;) She also gave some of them names?! And I totally made K's lobster weird by making his claws come out of his head. Oh well:)

The next project came from this pin.
A and I did this during K's nap one day. We placed the paper into the salad spinner, dripped some paint on the paper, and spun! It was so cool opening the bowl and seeing how the paint and mixed and spread across the paper! Plus, A loves making the salad spinner spin...I think that thing is why she started eating salad:)

I hope everyone had a great weekend! I am going to *try* to get back into regular posting, but we are just busy bees enjoying summer things around here, so we'll see;)


Marinette-Scraptherapie said...

Bravo, c'est une superbe activité pour occuper les enfants! merci de partager cela avec nous;)

Shel said...

I don't have a salad spinner but I want one just so we can do this project. Hahaha

Unknown said...

Very cool! LOVE the colors