Friday, June 17, 2011

photo friday

1+2: on a nature trail 
3: playing more with food than eating it 
4: playing tetris on the phone 
5: waking up from a nappy 
6-9: beach 
10: fountains and saw a friend from a's school...we met them at the beach a couple days ago too and now the girls want to have a sleepover 
11: k not wanting to go in the fountains, so he watched the little birdies and sissy 
12: a+k giving "darthy" a bath 
13: a fit because I wanted my keys back 
14+15: popsicles 
16-18: beach 
19: using some of my scrapbooking bling for faux earrings 
20: "borrowing" sissy's ponies

And a little PSA...Kaitlin just listed some wonderful new items in the Ormolu shop, as well as putting some on sale. If you are planning on doing Week in the Life, you *need* some of these items. They are prefect!!! I am planning on getting my album all set up soon with some of these goodies and will share soon. Here are some of my and old:

2 Day Hooray Button Embellishments...they come in black, red, or different colors:) There are also free printable tags with these that have a cute little spot for the button:

2 Day Hooray Days of the Week Buttons...again these come in other colors and the printable tags;)

and another new item that has me dreaming of making a mini with K's monthly baby pictures:
Negative Numbers Scallop Tags...comes in kraft or white:)

Here are some of the sale items...seriously theses are a GREAT deal, grab them while you can!!!

check out the rest of the sale items HERE.

Have fun shopping and have a wonderful weekend:)


Candace Prado said...

Okay - I can no longer hold my excitement in seeing summertime wrapped up in your blog!! I've gotta break out my camera and get going to catch up with your blue skies and sandy beaches! The kids look like they are living summer up - I can't wait to follow suit!

WITL is on the agenda and that stuff is too adorable! Can't wait to see your plan!!

Marinette said...

J'adore tes photos, quel plaisir pour les yeux! Et quelle chance d'habiter auprès de la mer, je t'envie bien;)
Bisous et bon week-end

Shel said...

I just got some of the 7 gypsies Top 10 board kit with negative numbers like those and I wasn't sure what to do with them. I am going to use one for my art journal and I just scrapped a page with another number (i'll post it on next week). I need more inspiration on what to do with them.

BTW...I love that you took tantrum pics. If I took pics of every tantrum, I'd never put my camera down. LOL

Lilith said...

Those pics are great. Love how they capture everyday summer life. I can't wait until my boys are on holiday. Love the ormolu stuff. I might just get myself some.