Saturday, June 4, 2011

photo, err, saturday?

I have been off this week. I think the long weekend threw me off and then when we go out of town or have people in town, it always takes a couple days to get back in the groove. We had folks in town for Kieran's 2nd birthday last Saturday. It was a fun little party. Kieran was a little shy at first, but he got over that pretty quickly. Especially when there were presents involved;)
He received Thomas and Cars stuff and that made him a very happy boy, but perhaps one of his favorite things was this bike from Mimi and Papa;)
When we sang Happy Birthday to him, he got all shy again and wanted me to hold him...but then he started clapping and when we were done singing, he was clapping, saying "yaaaaaay!" 
We had a couple birthdays in April, so he remembered after singing comes cake.
I made a red velvet cake, but I colored it the color of Thomas the Tank Engine. I was going to maybe do some Thomas design on it, but I ran out of time and my cake decorating abilities aren't the best;)
We got one of our typical family pictures;)
Mommy and the birthday boy!

Sunday we headed to the beach with Grandma and James and it was a beautiful day! Also our little beach was the most crowded I had seen it in awhile. We spotted some dolphins out in the Gulf.
Aislynn made a little slide by smoothing out a path of sand from our stuff to the water, and Grandma and James took turns pulling Aislynn and Kieran down to the water on the boogie board. Which they loved;) A tried to pull K, but a little too fast and he would slide off the board.
Then James dumped a bucket of water on A and she had to get him, so here she is chasing him, and Ki decided to join in the chase;)
a fave:)
And now for just random pictures throughout the week:
Aislynn was pulling Kieran around in the laundry basket:) Then she decided to hop in with him...
a pretty girl:)
a silly girl:)
watermelon by the pool...
on a walk after dinner last night...
and finally, I am participating in a 30 day photo challenge that is floating around the web (discovered on Ronda Palazzari's blog through Deanna:
So my day 1 (self portrait):
pretty typical...dark circles under my eyes (I haven't been sleeping well lately), no make up, and hair up...

day 2 (what you are wearing today):
again, typical...the summer uniform consists of shorts, a tank top, and flip flops

day 3 (your favorite place)
Eastern Lake. This was easy, especially since it's about a 5 minute walk from the new place. The body of water you see waaaay back is the Gulf and that's the beach we most often go to, so that's where most of my beach pictures are taken. We used to go here when S and I were just dating, and now it is so cool to come here with our kiddos:)
I hope some of you will play along with me, it's okay to start a couple days late;)

Hope everyone has a fantastic weekend, I am determined to get back on blogging track Monday;)


Marinette said...

You're so lucky to live in Florida!
Happy Birthday to Kieran;)

Deanna said...

Awesome pics, Pam! All of them. LOVE your photo challenge ones...esp. that self-portrait. And I love Aislynn's yellow polka dot bikini. I'd love to know where you got it or who makes it ;) Also, you're pics make me miss the beach. We don't have a trip planned this year. :(

Candace Prado said...

What a busy week! I wish mine was fun with photo ops, but work is not on my "to snap list"!! I am so eager to start summer break right now!

K looks like he hit the toy lottery! Big boy TWOS!

I've been eyeballing that challenge; maybe start it at the end of JUNE! Love your eye...

Shel said...

The pic of
A in purple is sooooo sweet! Love it!

Sherri said...

That is one bluuue cake K had :) I love how A's eyes just pop right out at you in pictures. Those babies will get her out of lots of trouble in the future, I dare say :)