Tuesday, June 14, 2011

ten on tuesday

1. I haven't ran in almost 2 weeks, ugh. I changed that this morning and never again will I go so long. I was able to do the 3 miles, but just barely.
2. I got lots of happy e-mails last week. I will have a layout in the November Scrapbook Trends, 2 cards in a Christmas Card Idea Book, and 3 cards in the November CARDS.
3. We have been going to the pool almost daily. Kieran isn't quite sure about it. It is so strange to me because he has no qualms about the gulf...but the pool he wants to be held. Just the last couple days I have him sitting in the float for a little bit. He adores the beach...he could just sit with a bucket and shovel and be the most happy little boy there was.
4. Aislynn prefers the pool. I let her pick out a float and she picked out a gigantic dolphin that she named Darthy (she told me this is how you spell it). As soon as she can manage to get on it, it rolls over and she goes under water. She was getting very frustrated by this, so I told her to think of a different way to play with her and she decided to be a whale trainer. She pour water on Darthy and rubs her like she is giving her a bath (Kieran thinks this is great fun too!) and she pretends to give her fish and bowls of water:)
5. Over at the Nook, there is a challenge being held on the card forums for people with the June kit. The prize is a $25 gift card to the Nook, which you could use on a future kit, add-ons, etc. Read more about it here and I will hopefully have mine done to share on scrappy thursday.
6. If you need more convincing on subbing to the kits, this is what the July kit will be filled with. I cannot wait. This is my month to guest and I am already cooking up idea in my head for what to do with these beautiful papers. The August kit will have new yummies from CHA;)
7. I finally sewed something!! Well, with A:) She wanted to make a blanket for her build-a-bear friend, Daisy. I just so happened to have some fabric with daisies on it, so we made a little 20x20 inch blanket for her. Aislynn sat by me the whole time I was making it and she stepped on the pedal for me while I sewed the fabric together. It was fun doing that together and she was so proud of the blanket we made;)
8. And of course I am going to link up some recent pins...I love this quote so much. I think I need to do a page using it:)
9. This activity looks super duper fun. Taping a shower curtain on the floor and draw roads on it with permanent marker. Let your kiddos decorate it and then drive cars...or whatever their imagination thinks up:)
10. Another cute project. I can think of two little super heros who would like these, and a plus is that they would make good use of some of Shaun's old t-shirts.


em said...

Congrats on the Happy Mail! That a ton of happy mail! And I love the t-shirt to cape project!!! We are going to have to try that!