Thursday, December 29, 2011

christmas 2011

Did everyone have a wonderful Christmas? We did....I love the ages the kids are at right now, it makes is so magical:) Santa was good to us all and I was so thankful to have some family in town! My camera battery died early Christmas morning and I have yet to find the charger. So there will be lots of camera photos until I find it! To keep up with my December Daily (my goal is to have it done before January ends, ha!), here are the photos+words from the last part of December:
writing letters to Santa. It amazes me to see how everything (handwriting, spelling, etc.) improves each year.
When I was at work one day, Shaun and the kids created a "winter wonderland," as A called it, using Kieran's train tracks, "snow," and the ice cream cone Christmas trees we made:)
Christmas stories. I love pulling all of the books out in the beginning of the month. We didn't get any new books this year, but the favorites stayed the same, How the Grinch Stole Christmas and The Christmas Cookie Sprinkle Snitcher.
decorating gingerbread men:)
When we were done, they each ate one and Kieran kept exclaiming, "I ate his eye!" "I ate his nose!" It was so funny!
Love all the fun mail that comes in December:) There were even a few dt box surprises in there, so extra happy mail!!
making peppermint bark:) These guys were such helpers in all the baking we were doing right before Christmas!
My Mom requested an updated picture of the kids, so this was the best we got:)
Uncle Phillip helping out decorating cookies for Santa:)
They had quite the assembly line going on here!
Setting out cookies and milk (and 9 carrots for the reindeer) on Christmas Eve.
Christmas morning. Santa brought Kieran some trains and tracks, and Aislynn some Twinkle Toes shoes and oil pastels:) And he filled their stockings with all sorts of goodies, which they are for breakfast;)
A Merry Christmas indeed. Now that we have that all wrapped up (well...our tree is still hanging in there and we are almost done eating the peppermint brownies and cookies and treats we had laying around here), we are ready to ring in 2012! I hope to get up a year-in-review type post if time allows!


Candace Prado said...

I LOVE how A's little "window" is showing up in each smile!!

I am so glad to see all of the smiles in this MAGICAL post!!

I was just thinking about the whole "year-in-review" thing! I came across an idea on Pinterest: mini resolutions for the kids (and us) - one attainable one for each month!! Hmmm. I'm off to think about this!!