Tuesday, December 6, 2011

ten on tuesday

1. Did you see the giveaway I had posted on my blog yesterday? Check it out! I am loving reading what your favorite holiday songs are!
2. In case you were wondering what mine were, I love The Christmas Song (the Nat King Cole version please!) and All I want for Christmas is You (Mariah Carey). I now have another one joining those...Merry Merry Christmas, Everyone by Jon McLaughlin.
3. psssssst...I will be having another giveaway on Friday it's a good one...gift certificates to Stop and Scrap:)
4. I *will* be working on my December Daily album at some point, but for now I am using the blog to record the photos+stories so I don't forget anything.
Decorating the tree...gotta love that K found those stockings in the box of ornament and used them as socks;)
The finished product. It is a small tree, but nice and we didn't put any glass ornaments on it because of K...but he isn't really messing with the ornaments too much! Our star kept folding the top of the tree over since it was too heavy, so Shaun came up with the idea of making a star out of tinfoil. So we did and I kinda like it...it is very Charlie Brown-ish to me:)
5. Peppermint brownies for A's school
Seriously YUUUUM. And if you were wondering if you leave out the mint extract and the candy cane kisses off the top, would they make good regular brownies...the answer is yes. The best brownies. Ever.
6. Dinner with Santa at Aislynn's school
They were checking out Santa, who we unfortunately did not meet. The line was ridiculously (like almost worse then A Christmas Story) long, so we talked to A and she was fine with going to meet Santa another time. She said she isn't sure what she wants yet, so now she will have more time to think about it;)
8. this one is cute too:)
9. for A's classmates? Does anyone have any good teacher gift ideas?


Candace Prado said...

Oh pinterest. How I love thee...! So glad that your Charlie Brown Christmas tree is a perfect fit with a homemade star on top. Our angel is top heavy this year too for some reason! Your post made me feel a bit more festive, even though I am such a behind the time girl this season. Ever since thanksgiving I can't get caught up! Hoping to change that this weekend!!