Monday, March 28, 2011

bark and daisy

We kinda finished up spring break with being lazy stay in our jammies all day bums. I did take the kids to Build a Bear on Sunday and they both made new friends:)

Aislynn named Kieran's dog Bark:) So cute:) Kieran kept trying to eat Bark's nose and feed him some of that fake ice cream cone.
Meet Daisy. Aislynn had to bring her to school today to show her to her friends and last night she fixed Daisy a dinner with all of her play vegetables:)
and a few other snaps from the weekend:
 Mr. Cool
 A Princess
and a little boy sleeping with "froffy" and "bank"...froggy and blanket;)


Shel said...

I love Build-a-Bear. They are so cute! They sell BAB clothes at Target. Did you know?

Love the big sunglasses!

Candace Prado said...

awwwww...froffy & bank! I love it! And BARK and DAISY are perfect names for these cute new pets...awww...the last time we were at BAB was Christmas three years ago to get the Rudolph and Clarise ones!! too cute. Scrap it soon, huh?!

Brynne said...

cute animals, love K's glasses