Thursday, March 17, 2011

happy st. patty's day!

Happy St. Patrick's Day!!! We don't have too much planned...A had a little party at school an we are off to get dinner somewhere tonight. I attempted to make A a rainbow shirt (that was my sewing project I had alluded too...) but it sooo didn't work out. I think I shouldn't try to make up sewing projects on my own;) Speaking of sewing, here is a very interesting story I heard on npr this morning...I only caught the last half of the show, so I am going to listen to the rest another time:)
For A's class, I combined this and this to make these cute goodie bags for her party:
I attempted to get a St. Patrick's Day picture of the kids...but as you can see below, they were not cooperating:)
But then I got this gem:
but this little stinker wouldn't cooperate, but I wanted to get a picture of his shirt...this was the best I could do:
I have a few pictures from a couple days ago that I wanted to share:
That little reading nook is one of my favorite places in the house:)
I have a few layouts/cards to share and that flower tutorial, but I will have to share tomorrow because I have 2 hungry kids and a hungry man waiting to go eat some food;)
Hope you have a festive, wonderful, green day!


Shel said...

That papasan (sp?) chair that the kids are sitting in looks so comfy for reading! We have an old one that needs a new cushion! Where did you find yours? I think I got an old one at Pier One but they don't have leather.