Monday, March 21, 2011

weekend snaps

 We took this on St. Patrick's Day (after I had made my blog post!) by setting the camera on one of the shelves on our living room (I might have missed the chance if I would've set up the tripod!).
 When we were loading up the car to head to Tallahassee this weekend, I took out the extra booster seat and Kieran kept sitting in it saying "ma-mew" (Matthew-the boy we carpool with).
 Saturday A and I went to a birthday party-look at that dress up stuff-a little girl's dream right? The party was so cute! After we left, we got Shaun and the three of us did some shopping and grabbed a quick snack while Kieran was at my Mom's. It was good for A to have one on one time with us, but she said she missed Kieran, lol.
 Grandma and her grandbabies:) They had so much fun with Grandma and James!!! Shaun and I rented a hotel room. On Friday we went to a wine bar (and drank too much, ugh) and that was fun, then Saturday we went shopping, out to dinner, and saw The Lincoln Lawyer. It was great to have some date time:)
 When we got back yesterday afternoon, it was such a lovely day, so we went to the beach.
 Do the colors look weird in the 2 above pictures? I used the white in his shorts to adjust the white balance, but in the ones below I used the white in the waves.
 She had so much fun in the water. It is so crazy to think about 2 summers ago when she was scared of the water! Now she wants to go in so bad, she insists it is not too cold to swim in...even though I totally think it is;)

 He was content with this bucket of water...sprinkling sand into it and stirring it around:)
 A lady offered to take a picture of the 4 of us:)
Aislynn is on spring break this week, and we are staying here. So more beach pictures to come:)
Hope everyone had a fantastic, weekend filled with sunshine!!!


Shel said...

Lily would love A's bathing suit. Did you get that at Target? I bought L a new swimsuit for our cruise and she wore it yesterday for a swimming birthday party and it was snug, so I need to get her ANOTHER new bathing suit in a larger size! Argh! Kids and their growth spurts. Looks like you had a wonderful weeekend!

Mrs. Weddle said...

i dont think there was enough white in K's shorts to get an accurate reading ... it looks a little green/blue to me. :)

so do you have CC snorkel digi paper too??? im holding out for the one buck Wednesdays for that one.

i need beach pictures .... and not like i dont live near one too. :0

Unknown said...

awww what I wouldn't give to walk the beaches right NOW! I agree with Jakki about the white metering. Have you tried any of the photoshop actions for sunshine?

I so wish I had Spring break to spend this week. I would scrap and sew my heart out.

Glad you had a nice weekend - You must tell me whether or not to see the "Lincoln Lawyer" or not. We FINALLY saw the "Fighter" - remind me to tell you about it!