Tuesday, March 15, 2011

recent snaps

1. phone pic-crazy kids in the car 2. A is finally wanting to ride her bike and she is doing great! 3. trying to get some 5 and half pictures last Friday 4. I love the missing spot in her smile:) 5. a silly boy in his "papa hat," he had to have a baseball cap just like Papa 6. Kieran was so not into taking a picture with sissy;) 7. a grumpy boy getting some Dada love 8. an Aislynn outfit...I wish you could see the leggings with this outfit-they don't quite match;) 9. trying to decide what donuts to get 10. this was mine...a heavenly angel 11. strawberries and homemade pound cake...this cake was so yummy. When I was making it, K was playing with A in her room and they were playing so nicely together...for awhile-then I got interrupted by A yelling "Mom, Kieran's putting my toy ice cream cone in the toilet." 12. playing soccer 13. K, the ball hog 14. cute!!!! 15. giggles 16. twirls 17. pretty girl 18. giving sissy a kiss 19. us 20. A and I got pedicures yesterday, spring can now come...our feet are ready;)


Unknown said...

I love clumps of snaps! The sunlight is radiating throughout these. We are still so cloudy and gray. :(

Shel said...

Fun! fun! Fun! I love the outdoor pics and can't wait for the weather to cooperate here! Looking forward to going to FL next month for some sunny shots!