Monday, March 7, 2011

a scrappy weekend

Shaun was out of town this weekend so as soon as the kids were in bed at night, I went to my desk. I got my box of goodies from winning this year's Oscar picks so I broke into some of the new Jillibean Soup. Here's what I came up with:
Goofy Love: I used the Dutch Mustard Soup line for this. I love these pictures of Shaun and I...yeah we are dorks;) Whenever we take pictures with the self-timer/remote we end up with soooo many pictures like this:)
Some detailed shots:

And a card featuring the Dutch Mustard Soup line as well:
I made a couple birthday cards with the Spotted Owl Soup line...P.S. Totally love the 6x6 size paper pack for cards! I wish I would have gotten the pads in the other lines too!!

And now my favorite, Blossom Soup (Shel-this line makes me think of you so much, plus there is a whole sheet of paper with butterflies on it that you would love!):
Hello Spring
I have had these pictures printed forever and I am so glad I haven't scrapped them until now...they were destined to meet this paper, I guess;)
Some detailed shots:
I made a little bouquet with the sugar picks. This twine ended up in my mail box too, so you may be seeing it on lots of upcoming layouts;)

Too Fast-just a page about how A's first lost tooth is made me realize how fast she is growing up!
Some details:

Aislynn said this is her favorite page, lol. It's funny now, if I take a picture she asks me if I'm going to scrap it? Hee hee!
And some close-ups:

So there we go, I would call this a successful scrappy weekend:)


Unknown said...

Simply gorgeous. These are positively outstanding spring colors and bring a smile to my winter hibernation face. Tell me two things: how did you highlight on the "twirl" page? And what adhesive dis you use to attach your free flowing twine for your butterfly looping?

Shel said...

Oooh! I want some of that JS pp! Have you seen Sass Butterfly Garden? I was wondering how that line looks.

I love your new layouts. I especially love the one of A that says Too FAst. She is such a beautiful kid! Thanks for sharing!

Mrs. Weddle said...

love the pages, love the new girl friday blog too ... seriously want to help me out with a cool signature at the end of mine????
i want the blue owl JS paper so bad ... hmmm you're making me think i might like the mustard soup one too ... seriously can not get that name out of my head, ugh.

Sherri said...

Love all of these Pam, especially that boy card, JBS is great for boyish looks. Lucky you to have had all that time to scrap :) I hope all this JBS means you're trying out for the DT, you'd be a great fit by the looks of things.