Thursday, March 10, 2011


The other morning I didn't have time to make coffee so I stopped at Starbucks after dropping Aislynn and Matthew off at school. When we came home, my empty cup was sitting on the end table and K picked it up and said "ca?" which means coffee and pretended to drink it, slurping noises and all:)
He was not a happy camper when I took his "ca" away;)


Mrs. Weddle said...

LMAO! that is logan as well ... doesn't matter the cup or what was in the cup either, as long as mommy had it first.

Shel said...

I love this collage!!!!
When L was little she called coffee, "Daddy's juice." Then one day when she saw Jack drinking a beer, she called that "Daddy's juice" too. So, our little inside joke is that when we are drinking, we are sucking down some of daddy's juice. LOL

Unknown said...

I need some coffee right about now. I really like this 3x2 collage! It ready to go for a cute LO!

Phillip Perry said...

He is going to grow up to be a coffee drinker just like his mommy and daddy!