Friday, March 25, 2011

staycation part 2

I am going to be so sad when Aislynn has to go back to school! We have had so much fun this week. We had debated going somewhere, but why go on a vacation for spring break when we live at the beach?! On Wednesday I took the kids on a picnic at Eden State Gardens. Aislynn was amazed at all of the azaleas blooming! Kieran was just happy to try to blow bubbles:)
 She kept wanting me to take pictures of her:)

 He wanted to blow bubbles so bad, he finally did one here:) He kept saying was so cute:)

 love this:) Aren't those flowers beautiful?!

 Yesterday I took them to the park in the morning...which was a complete disaster. Kids throwing major fits, kids trying to eat rocks (I'll let you guess who did what!) it was so so so hot...hard to believe it is this hot and it is not even April yet!
 Everyone was happy when we got home and we had popsicles.
 Thy kept tasting each others...
 and Kieran kept wanting to do cheers;)
 After Kieran's nap, we headed to the pool...
 and Aislynn showed us her biggest jumps ever;)
then we grabbed some burgers on the way to the beach and stayed there until sunset:)
So do some of these pictures look fuzzy/blurry to you? It is driving me crazy, I cannot figure it out!!! They look fine in photoshop and then look bad on here, grrrrr....I will figure it out soon hopefully.
Tomorrow I have a few layouts to share...I haven't been scrapping as much this week since A has been off.


Shel said...

They are not fuzzy at all on my computer. Are you sure its not your monitor?

Anyhoo...went on this super fun shopping spree today (just Z and me at the mall) and I bought all of these cute summer clothes (dresses, skirts, shorts) for mostly the girls and me. Some jeans for Matt because he has a LOT of shorts from last year that I think he'll still fit into, and NOTHING for Jack because I'm mad at hiim right now. But I truly hope we get to wear all of these things when we come down there next month! I'm hoping for some Hot, Hot weather!! Your popsicle pics (with the cheers) are my faves! So funny that kids like to do that! It almost looks like they are having a light-saber fight!

Sherri said...

Love all the pix, especially the "cheers" one, so sweet.

Unknown said...

You know, I'm thinking that I see some chub in those baby cheeks!! Up til now I wouldn't say K had baby fat (Aly had rolls!). So cute!!

I could really use a popsicle for a treat right now but it is only 35 degrees right now :(. So I'll live vicariously through your sunshine...!