Tuesday, March 22, 2011

flower tutorial+some layouts

As promised, here is the flower tutorial:
 First, gather your supplies. You need some liquid glue, a button or other flower center, 3 strips of patterned paper cut to .5x4 inches, and 3 strips of patterned paper cut to .75x4.5 inches.
 Lightly fold the strips of patterned paper in half.
 On the side you do not want showing, add a line of glue in the center of the strip.
 Fold both ends in the the center fold line and press down for a couple seconds to make sure the glue sets.
 Do this with all of the strips.
 Add a dot of glue on the seam of one of the wider strips and then place another strip seam side down to make an x.
 Place another dot of glue in the center of the x and place the remaining strip down the center of the x.
 Repeat with the skinner strips, but layer them so that the ends go between the ends of the wider strips.
Add a button or something for the flower center and you have a homemade embellishment!! Of course you can adjust the length/width of the strips to change the size of the flower, or even add more layers. It would even be fun to punch the edges with a border punch:)

And I have a couple layouts to share...one I did last night and the other I did before we went out of town last week.
 I used the March My Scrapbook Nook kit for this one. So many yummy goodies in that kit;)
 The little star design on the green border sticker totally inspired me to use a similar stitch on my layout:)

 I used some Lily Bee Catching Fall for this one.
 I sprayed the bookprint patterned paper with white Mr. Huey's mist so the background would be more muted.
 I don't know if it was the mist or what, but the rub-on here didn't transfer very cleanly. I kinda like it that way for this page and on the bookprint paper though:)
Hope everyone's week is going well so far!!


Unknown said...

Oooooooh...love the tutorial!

I promise to try this soon! I adore these new pages; especially the vintage feel of the beach one with the white misting!! Perfect!!

Shel said...

I am definitely going to try those flowers later this week! I need some white mist...ASAP! My sledding pics are waiting to be scrapped! Maybe I'll go out to the scrap store this weekend and pick some up!

Sherri said...

those flowers are so cute! i adore your lilybee layout. it's so different than your usual style too. love all the family pix.