Wednesday, March 23, 2011


It is A's spring break and we are staying here, we told Aislynn it was called a staycation, so that is what she keeps saying we are on:) This is what we have been up to so far:
 making this project from Baby Center
 A was excited because she got to eat some popcorn:)
 She was also excited when she saw trees like this when we were driving yesterday:)
 Another editing question...what am I doing that my pictures look crystal clear and sharp when I am editing them, but when I post them on my blog they look a bit fuzzy?!

 Monday we met my sister for lunch in Rosemary Beach.
 Aislynn took the next 3 pictures:)

 morning snuggles...
 A built a "magic carpet" for them:)
 love love love:)
 we went to play in the fountains yesterday afternoon:)

Today we are planning to go a picnic:) Can't wait until summer when all the days will be this carefree;)


Sherri said...

*sigh* i wish i was where you are, can't wait for that warmer weather here too. happy staycation! we're off to Steamboat, Colorado for our Spring Break on Friday.

Unknown said...

Looks like you have a future photog in the family!!

I'm not sure what's happening when you edit, and I can't tell if the pics are blurry here on my phone, but I do know that these smiles are the sweetest EVER!

Now package up some of the sunshine and warm swimmy weather and sent it HERE!!

Shel said...

Why oh why do I live in Chicago? This is crazy. We have snow on the ground and are bundled up and did I mention that I HATE cold weather?

I love the pic of the kids nose-snuggling! That is so adorable!

I can't wait to get to FL next month!!! Get ready...I'm on the loose!