Wednesday, April 6, 2011

10 things

  1. We are moving. This weekend. I may have been totally stressing out earlier in the week, but it's all good now. We are moving a half a mile down the road and can still walk to the beach, phew;)
  2. We are moving into a smaller place and I have been purging, which is one of my most favorite things about moving. I like to get rid of stuff. 
  3. I have a big big stack of pretty papers that want to be given away soon. I am thinking for my 400th blog post? This is #387:)
  4. Tonight at dinner, Kieran told Shaun "Dad, Dad, hush, okay?" His facial expressions were spot on (looking very stern and all) and it was really really funny and cute:)
  5. Yesterday was our 12th 1st date anniversary. Wow, time flies!!!!
  6. While taking a walk the other day, Aislynn noticed some litter and said the next time we went on a walk we should bring a bag to pick up any garbage we see. Then she said "we don't litter, we want the earth to stay healthy." The kid...she is special:)
  7. Tomorrow is Shaun's birthday. Due to the craziness of moving this week and he said he doesn't want one, I won't be making a cake. But I think I am still going to once we are settled in. Does any one have a good coconut cream cake recipe?
  8. I know there are galleries, message boards, and blogs I need to visit and leave love, so don't think I am neglecting you...I will get there sometime!
  9. Aislynn wanted to watch Tangled and now she is full on obsessed. I like it too though, man those songs sure are catchy.
  10. I need to find a dress for a wedding coming up...I want a light gray one...if you have seen one/see one, link me up please. Bonus points if you find me shoes to go with it:)


Rileysmom said...

Yikes you are one busy girl. I hope the move goes well and am glad you are staying close to where you are!!!

Shel said...

I have a gray dress I'd let you borrow. What size dress and shoes do you need?

Sherri said...

All the best with the move Pam. I can't believe you can walk to the beach...I wish!

Candace Prado said...

My mouth is salivating at the thought of coconut cream. Please post if you find an excellent one!

K is cute with his "hush" - be careful soooo soon that hust could turn into something else that is two words and starts with an S - the attitude comes for free! :(

We want to see tangled this weekend FINALLY! I'll let you know!

Purging is what I am hoping to really get into this SUMMER! Pray for me! I might get buried alive!!

Have a safe MOVE!

Brynne said...

moving-wow that was quick! Sean and I watched tangled the other day, cute movie! Who's getting married?