Wednesday, April 27, 2011

ten on tuesday

I am totally stealing borrowing Tuesday's feature from one of my favorite bloggers, Erin Cobb. A fun list of 10 random things/links...and I am totally late on this because my sister and her boyfriend came over plus I had one cranky little boy yesterday, which meant about half of this post got typed yesterday and then the other half got finished today;)
 Here goes:

1. Kieran has heard Aislynn call us Mom and Dad, so he has went from calling us Mama and Dada to Mom and Dad...totally skipping over the Mommy and Daddy But he also used this shortening logic to shorten what he calls Aislynn, Nana, to "Nan." I love it.
2. I made this chocolate cake for my sister and boyfriend's birthday. Isn't it weird it's on the same day? It's May 6th, but we won't see them then, so last night was party night;)
3. I have some scrapbooking toots...I got 2 pages picked up for a family idea book by Northridge Media, a card picked up for the September CARDS, and a page picked up for the June ScrapStreet issue.
4. The other day Aislynn told me she was so happy she could burst into lollipops. hee hee, that girl....
5. On April 30th, Creative Scrappers will be celebrating their 3rd birthday and they are doing an awesome blog hop.  Each of the creative team members will have a sketch and an example page to inspire you...can't wait to see everyone's...the sketch I was sent is fabulous!
6. One of my favorite Kieran sayings is when he purposely throws something down and says "ooops, sorry!" It is freakin' cute.
7. If you have young kids and don't know about Elephant and should. They are hilarious, love love Mo Willems.
8. How fun is this for rainy days in the summer?
9. I am kinda feeling like I want to sew something. It has been awhile since I used my sewing machine for something besides scrapbooking. I think my next project should be this.
10. Did you see this on the Cosmo Cricket blog? Might be kinda fun to try;)


Candace Prado said...

So, how funny that while I'm reading your blog Brandan shouts from upstairs "Mommy, I'm going in the backyard to play basketball!" -Now, let me tell you he had a friend with him at the time. That is what every mother prays for!!

hee hee!

Love that super cute zippered wallet! Seems like a sweet project! I've got to get back into my sewing. I promised Aly and Brandan both that I would follow my grommet lesson and make them new curtains this summer!

love the take ten!