Thursday, April 21, 2011

what we've been up to....

 picking wild blackberries.
 her new favorite breakfast is blackberries with greek yogurt and honey.
 after dinner walks to the beach, this sign is on the way:)
 4th cousins:) Shaun's 2nd cousin, Kit was in town for a few days from Seattle, so we hung out with them. Stella is Kit's sweet daughter and Shaun's 3rd cousin...making Stella Aislynn's 4th cousin. They immediately loved hanging out together!
 Kieran was happy to have stolen this cup and bottle from Kit's beach bag and would not let go of it. Who needs all the gazillion shovels and buckets we brought, right?!

 This is just like him in the bath...pouring water from cup to cup...he could seriously entertain himself for hours doing this.
 "Melmo"...also know as Elmo;)
 more beach/lake time.
 Shaun has caught a minnow in the net, so then the girls wanted to try to catch some:)
They gave up and thought it would be more fun to slide down the sand hill;)
The was so nice meeting Kit and Stella and we had a blast with them! Hopefully we can visit Seattle sometime and they can show us around there;)


Shel said...

Looks like fun. The sand on "your" beach is so white, it almost looks like snow.

And btw...Matt's favorite dessert is strawberries & bananas with yogurt and honey! :)

Candace Prado said...

oh how much fun. it sounds like you are finding your way about the new area!

A and her little 4th cousin favor one another! When I was growing up (because my Mom and her father were the babies in such a large family) it seemed everyone I met that was my age was my FOURTH cousin!!

Sherri said...

Hope you had a wonderful Easter Sunday with your family Pam xo