Friday, April 29, 2011

photo friday

I am getting this up much later than I wanted to, but I was having some major blogger issues. Remember how I was saying some of my images looked blurry? Well, when I uploaded this whole batch looked blurry and I had enough, lol! I googled the problem and it appears this affects certain bloggers, why? They don't know. But one of the solutions to try was to use a photo sharing site, such as photobucket. So I did that and while I am a little irritated that I will have to do this extra step, I am happy that my images are fairly sharp. Phew. Now if only I could figure out how to change the link and labels (in the post footer) color from that awful purple. Oh, and what do you think of the new bloggy look? I think it looks a bit cleaner?

Sooooo, moving on, it's Photo Friday!!!
K holding an egg...he proved pretty quickly to us that he couldn't be in charge of dropping the eggs gently into the cup of dye;) But he was content with holding an egg (until he squeezed it and yolk oozed out...then he lost those privileges too).
We *should* have done this on the table. But I wanted K to "help" and also, the light stinks in this new place so I wanted them in an optimal no flash necessary spot. That is one of the biggest things I miss about the old place...great natural light for pretty much the whole time the sun was out.
She's a pro by now. She opted for the pastel way this year. I kinda missed that vinegary smell...
Meeting the Easter Bunny...
His wife (?) two will run up to any person dressed in an animal suit:)
We went for a little ride on the carousel and Kieran was SOOOOO excited they had a car! This was the first time I had seen a car on a carousel, but man...he was so stoked!
She named her horse Sarah:)
There was music playing, so they danced it up...
and I unsuccessfully attempted to get a picture of the 2 of them both looking happily at the camera. Kieran could see the Easter Bunny from here and was trying to make a run for him;)
YEAH, Easter candy, score!!! Kieran had his first taste of jelly beans, and kept asking for "candy, candy?"
another unsuccessful attempt...
one happy boy on the way to the lake/beach...

looking for minnows...Shaun got some fishing gear together and they tried to catch some fish. They caught one pin fish, but that was it. We'll try again:)
Monday was picture day at school and A wanted to wear this dress. I snapped this of her after she got back from school. When I dropped her off, I had a glance at the order forms and saw a package for $99. Um...I just take my own, thanks:)
Tuesday "Aunt Bwin" and Sean came over for dinner and cake:) Yeah...that cake was good. I totally made them take what was left and yes, I did regret that decision;)
long, long eyelashes. and hair. I took him yesterday to get his haircut and he was very uncooperative until there was a sucker involved:)
He missed his nap that day and was falling asleep while eating dinner. Aislynn found this totally amusing:) I will have to dig up some of the pictures of her asleep at the table;)

I have 2 fun Creative Scrappers posts scheduled for Saturday and Sunday, so come check it out!! 
Then Monday will be my 400th I am doing a giveaway:)
Happy weekend!!!


Candace Prado said...

I always worry about missing a picture that I want because of lighting! Your pictures are always so bright to me (and my cloudy, rainy weather) lately. I'm wondering if you can post two of the same pic -one without the sharpness and one through the photo bucket applied- side by side?!

We are looking to upgrade to a new computer soon - why is everything on my list digi/photog related?! Hee hee