Friday, April 8, 2011

ribbon spring flower pot

The master of all things ribbon, May Arts is having a design team call and I decided to throw my hat in the ring. The way they were doing the call was super picked out what ribbon you wanted to work with, they sent it to you, and you made something beautiful with the theme of spring flowers and created a blog post for them. The winners will be featured on their blog next week.  You may want to bookmark their blog...seriously, there are some projects on there that are soooo creative! Anyways, here is what I came up with:

Ribbon Spring Flower Pot
Gather up your supplies, you will need:
5 yummy ribbons (I used 336-15-05, 338-27, 359-34-05, 359-34-34, and 364-15-46)
a skinny green ribbon (I used 389-18-46)
2 different sized circle punches
a sheet of double sided adhesive paper
white card stock or scrap paper
5 buttons that coordinate with your ribbons
strong liquid glue or glue dots
small flower pot
5 small wood skewers
green paint
small Styrofoam piece that will fit in your flower pot
Arrange your wood skewers in the Styrofoam piece however looks best to you. Once you have your flowers attached, you may need to do some arranging.
Paint the skewers green and set aside to dry.
Punch your circles from the sheet of adhesive paper. Punch 2 from the larger circle punch and 3 from the smaller circle punch. You can go ahead and punch your circles from card stock or scrap paper now if you would like.
Make your flowers. You will make 3 flowers using the following technique, one with a large circle and two with a smaller circles. First peel one side of the circle off to reveal the adhesive. Leaving your ribbon on the spool or in one long piece, stick one end on the outer edge of the circle. Then, twisting as you go, wrap the trim in a spiral. When you get to the center, snip off the end and place a button in the center of your flower. Make 2 more flowers like this using the smaller circles.

For the remaining 2 flowers, you will use the following technique, which is basically the same as the above but you do not twist the ribbon. This works best for ruffled edge trim or ribbons that have a decorative trim, while the other way works better for plain ribbon as the twisting adds more interest.

Place the Styrofoam piece inside the flower pot. To attach the flowers on to the wood skewers, peel the backing off of the other side of the flower and place on skewer, then take one of the card stock circles and place on the flower so that the skewer sits between the flower and the card stock. Repeat for all of the flowers. I put the larger ones in the back and the smaller ones in the front.

Cut pieces of the skinny green ribbon and twist and wrap around the skewers. Add as much as you need too. My flower pot is going to be sitting on a higher up shelf and I just wanted to see bits of the green trim from the top of the pot, but if that part of the pot would have been more visible, I would have added more green ribbon.
You're all done! There you have a quick and pretty spring decor project!


Sherri said...

Okay, how cute are those?! So fun.

Candace Prado said...

Gosh - these are stunning, beautiful SPRING flowers! Love this tutorial idea. Girl, You ROCK.

Brynne said...

very cute flowers :)

Rileysmom said...

Super cute!!!!!!

hope the move went well!

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Elizabeth said...

Pam this is totally cute girl, I love it!!!

Crie Artezzanato said...

Beautiful your flower creation! It's awesome and got to try it.