Monday, January 10, 2011

painting, hot chocolate, and trains

 Last summer I read about a fun thing to let your kids do. Give them paintbrushes and a bucket of water and let them "paint" the outside of your house. I let them do it inside, but the water didn't show up very good. I think because the paint on our walls has some glossiness, if it was matte it would have shown up. But the kiddos did have lots of fun doing this:) At first Aislynn said she was just cleaning the walls, then she said she painting all the Disney characters and fairies.
 He was just happy to stick his hands in the water:)

 Then there was hot chocolate.
 She eats all the whipped cream off with her fingers first.
 yuuuuuuum yum:)
 Sunday morning was watching "Ta."
 And then pushing his trains around.  See that sock under the sofa? I was looking for it everywhere when I was doing laundry...when I was editing these pictures I found it:)
 Na na joining in on the fun.

We had a nice weekend...pretty much stayed indoors and played. I didn't work on my DD at all but my goal is to get it wrapped up this week!


Shel said...

Aww, cute pics. I miss the Thomas days!

Anonymous said...

Hey Pam,
Happy New Year! A. & K. are the sweetest little kids. Really proud of you and your family. A. looks just like Shaun and K. looks just like you (amazing eye-brows)! Keep having fun and inspiring others!
Aunt Jodi

Scrap Candy said...

Oh this sounds delightful. I bet you are right about the paint. A flat based paint would make for better water pictures! We did this the year we painted the kids rooms but gave them watercolors. Brandan was about three and Aly around K's age.

I'm suddenly craving hot chocolate too.

Love the sock story. I would tell that one in a LO because it so typical!!

Jakki said...

seriously painting on the walls with water ... hmmm interesting. i dont' think k would fall for it she'd want to pull out her other paints. i loose socks all the time, i've come to the conclusion that if they looks similar then they match! you can't see what colors they are if your wearing pants and shoes anyway ... hee hee