Wednesday, January 12, 2011

she's a mind reader

I have been bringing lunch for her when I pick her up from school and she had 5 baby carrots. She asked me why I always gave her 5 and I told her when she turns 6 I wouldn't give her 5 anymore. She then said "well, you better not give me 6." I asked her how she knew that's what I was thinking and she said (with her best hello it's so obvious eye roll/sigh) "I just got it from your brain." haaaaaaaaa ha.
Another funny thing she said yesterday was when we were walking down the hall at school to her class. Every month, one of the suites decorates the main bulletin board and this month her class decorated the board with snowmen. She had shown me which one was hers and last week, Shaun came with us to pick her up and I showed him. Yesterday I told her that I showed Dad which one was hers and she asked me if he was "pressed." Hee hee, meaning was he impressed? 
Love the things she says and I totally need to start putting them on here when she says them. I found a scrap piece of paper in my purse from awhile ago with funny things she said, but a lot of them I couldn't remember the context or what she had said exactly. The case of mama brain....
The headband is something she wanted to make yesterday after looking through the Oriental Trading Company catalog I had gotten in the mail:)


Shel said...

You are a blogging machine lately. Where are you finding the time?

Unknown said...

I've been posting these thoughts on Facebook. Aly-isms are what I call them! The last one was this past Sunday: my I think I disinfected my arm (dislocated)! Brandan says: "Aly you did cut open a dead animal!" (dissected). Help me.