Monday, January 3, 2011

these two

 have been enjoying each others company. But tomorrow Aislynn goes back to school, and to be honest, we are all kinda glad. The other day she told me she misses school and I miss the routine of having her in school, even if it is only 3 hours a day. But I will miss these morning moments before they are all tired and cranky and they play nicely together:) I was folding laundry yesterday morning and Aislynn said she needed to do some exercise. So she started doing all kinds of moves and Kieran started copying her in his own way. It was too funny and cute:)
 My silly boy:)
Then this morning, I set up Aislynn's tent in the living room where we watched Dinosaur Train and Sesame Street+ate some pretzel sticks. Kieran thought it was lots of fun walking around the outside of the tent and poking it, causing Aislynn to laugh, thus causing him to laugh:)
 This picture below just cracks me up:)
 And this one just makes me happy:)
So...I know I am being totally flaky here, but I am foregoing the one frame a day project. I am thinking that at the end of the year I will turn the blog into book form. That will capture more anyways AND be one less thing to be updating...okay I am lazy. But my goal is to pick up the camera more and to bring it out more. AND to post on my blog more. I have averaged about 105 posts per year the past 3 years, so this year I would like to get the number above 200 posts. Keep your fingers crossed...I get waaaay too ambitious in the beginning of the year:)


Jakki said...

k starts school next tuesday ... she is driving me crazy. love how your K is coping his big sister, lucky you he isn't climbing up to the top bunk with her too .....

Shel said...

They are just too stinkin' cute!

Scrap Candy said...

those adorable kids can't get much cuter, can they?! I'm sure they will, but this is LOVE.

I don't think you are being lazy at all...I think it is life. We have to live it to write about it - so go do that first and I am sure there will be plenty to write about even if they are longer posts but under the 200 mark...KWIM?

I can't wait to see how BLURb works for you guys - I can't commit until later in the year. :( but I am all for the enabled examples I am sure you guys will share. YAY!!!!!