Monday, January 31, 2011

weekend snapshots

 Aislynn and I made these chocolate chip cookies.
 the weekly shot of our living room...not quite as messy as the last one:)
 She wanted to make valentine's, so we pulled out scraps, stamps, heart punches...
 and after writing her name on about 5, she wanted to stop and do it another day:)
 saw this post on Susan Weinroth's blog and totally copied it. Aislynn loves her "gallery!"
 We had some beautiful weather this weekend so we headed to Watercolor to take a walk.
 Miss Twirly Skirt:)

 r2d2 loved running around like a crazy boy, err robot:)
 Sunday we finger painted. Wow...Kieran isn't quite ready for it:)
 He mostly would stick his hands in the paint, then wipe his hands on his clothes.

 Aislynn was mad that Kieran kept mixing the colors:)
 Yay, he got it, lol!

Needless to say...he went straight into the bath after this.

Hope everyone else had a great weekend!


Candace Prado said...

you are one brave Momma - finger painting like that! Woo hoo! Now send me some of those cookies - I could really go for those right NOW!! I want some beautiful weather, but I am pretty sure I will have to settle for the color WHITE over the next week or so! Tell Aislynn I wish to visit the gallery - What's admission?

Jakki said...

i am never letting logan paint ... the markers are bad enough ... but love all the pictures :)

Elizabeth said...

That rocks how much fun you guys had!!! I remember doing that kind of stuff with A and how much fun it was!!!! :)
I really am loving that art gallery. I am going to do something like that for myself for my layouts in our den!! :)
Hope your week is going great!

Alex said...

Tee-hee! What a weekend! :-) Finger painting is very popular here too. I finally got her an apron so she doesn't need to bath every time ;-)

teacher jessy said...

YOu take beautiful photographs of your children!! I love them all :)